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Project: Huawei – MTN Power Generators

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The Huawei – MTN project began in mid-2018 and focused mainly on the Gauteng area. This is a very exciting and diverse project to be part of, SK Diesels has risen to the challenge and excelled in service delivery. We offer the following services on this project: Generator hire Static generators to sites newly built and waiting for Eskom power. Deployed to site with [...]

What size Diesel Generator do you require?

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Sizing diesel generators is a common problem for construction, water pumping and houses (especially now electric vehicles are entering the market), but sizing the units is a problem. Too large a generator and you not only use too much fuel but running below about 30-50% for sustained periods “Low-Load” – causes engine problems that aren’t covered under warranty, leading to significant costs. Too [...]

Stepping out of the nuclear shadow of the Zuma years

South Africa is a few weeks into the Sixth Administration of the democratic era – and there is a palpable sense of anxiety in the air. Measured by sentiments across the media, in public and in private conversations, in the corridors of political and corporate power, and in the offices of social movements, cautious optimism trades places with deep senses of despondency, exasperation [...]

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