Our services cover a wide range of areas, including Gauteng, Tswane, Mpumalanga, Port Elizabeth, East London, Mthatha, and Limpopo.

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Generator Hire Mobile/Static

We provide flexible hiring options with mobile and static generators that cater to our clients’ prime and standby diesel generator needs, including monthly, annual, and project-based rentals. At SK Diesels, we offer a diverse selection of diesel generator sets and accessories to ensure reliable power solutions for any industry or application – from telecommunication to commercial, industrial, hospitality, or agricultural sectors.

Mobile Power Deployment

We provide mobile generators that can be deployed to your business footprint. Our call center will dispatch a mobile generator to your site and we’ll keep you informed of the generator location as well as when power is restored. We handle billing, servicing, and refueling of mobile generators for clients. The generators are remotely monitored to ensure timely maintenance. They can be used during emergencies or while power is being repaired.

Generator Hybridising

Hybridizing a generator by adding a battery bank can lower operating costs, make it more efficient, and reduce its carbon footprint. The generator will still function as the primary power source, but the additional power source will work to supplement it, resulting in a consistent and efficient energy output. This is especially relevant as renewable energy sources become more accessible and affordable.


Generator Manufacturing

SK Diesels specializes in the production and procurement of generators ranging from 25KVA to 2500KVA (2.5mVA). All our generators are enclosed with a fully lockable and sound attenuated enclosure. Our engines sturdiness and durability are sourced from reputable brands including Deutz, Lister Petter, Perkins, Cummins, Mitsubishi, Yanmar and AKSA.

All our generators undergo rigorous testing prior to delivery. Our professional team of technicians are always available to answer any questions or resolve problems that may arise while integrating your generator onto your system. Our mobile and static generators are equipped with easy-to-read control panels for convenience.

Mobile Generator

Our generators are mounted on DOT approved trailers, ensuring a smooth and safe transportation experience, no matter the terrain. Our products are fully lockable, providing ultimate protection for your valued asset. In addition, our mobile generators come equipped with the following:

  • Spare tyre
  • Tool kit for changing tyre and triangles
  • Jack
  • Cable for connection to either 3 phase or single phase
  • Hand brake and braking system on trailer
  • Instruction manual
  • Maintenance contract can be added on with purchase.
  • Security tracker can be fitted for safe monitoring

Static Generator

Consider a static generator for a long-term setup in an area where there is no or unreliable electricity. For optimal performance and stability, bolted onto a cement plinth. Features of the static generator include:

  • Double-skinned long-range fuel tank 
  • Seamless switch-over when power is lost
  • Cables and connections to integrate with your system, whether it’s single or three-phase.
  • Our qualified technicians will deliver and connect the generator using our own crane truck.
  • Instruction manual for ease of use and maintenance.
  • Maintenance contracts are available to ensure that your generator is always in top working condition.

Our Engineering Services


Our top-of-the-line cage is specifically designed to protect your generator in areas with high crime rates. The cage is made from high-quality, 6cm thick steel, powder coated, that is bolted around the generator to provide maximum protection against theft and vandalism. Additionally, all locks, hinges, and opening points are inaccessible to hand or power tools, making it nearly impossible for criminals to breach.


Introducing the SK Diesels Mesh Cage for medium-risk locations. The cage is built with high-quality, sturdy mesh and a solid framework that safeguards the generator from theft. Additionally, all locks, hinges, and opening points are designed to be inaccessible by hand or power tools, ensuring maximum security.

Battery Box

Our secure and lockable battery boxes are proudly produced in-house at the SK Engineering workshop, saving you both time and money. Our boxes are designed to prevent the theft of generator batteries, with a unique key required to unlock the box and access the batteries. The SK Diesels Battery Boxes are the perfect solution for easy maintenance and battery replacement, with accessible key access.

Diesel Tanks

We manufacture diesel tanks specifically designed for generators. From design to production, our team of experts ensures that every tank is made to the highest standards of quality and safety. Whether you need a tank for a small generator or a large commercial one, we have a wide range of options to choose from.

Super Silent Canopies

Our super silent canopies are engineered with high-grade materials that effectively reduce noise levels, making them perfect for use in residential areas, shopping centres, hospitals, schools, and other noise-sensitive environments. Our manufacturing process is carefully monitored to ensure that the finished product meets our high standards for sound reduction, durability, and safety.


Manufactured in house, our bowsers are designed to be durable, reliable, and efficient. We ensure that they are equipped with the latest technology to ensure accurate measurement of fuel and minimal wastage. Our bowsers come in various sizes, depending on the customer's needs, and we can customize them to meet specific requirements.

Generator Servicing

Generator Refuelling

We have mobile bowsers that are readily available to transport to any location along with roadworthy vehicles and trailers. Our team of professionally licensed drivers ensures that your fuel is delivered safely and efficiently. Additionally, all our drivers are trained in spill clean-up procedures, and our vehicles are equipped with spill kits. With flow meters installed on our bowsers, you can be assured that you’ll only be charged for what you receive and require. We also provide our clients with proof of work done for their records.

Generator Repairs

Our team of qualified technicians and technical staff is capable of repairing all types of generators, regardless of location. Our expertise includes repairing and testing engines of all makes. Depending on the extent of the repair, we provide on-site service or utilize our fully equipped workshop. If necessary, we replace parts with original components. We also offer engine overhaul services. Our repairs are carried out by qualified mechanics and we provide clients with detailed reports and photographs.

Crane Truck Hire

SK Diesels Crane-Trucks are equipped with the strongest retractable cranes in the market, capable of transporting large loads, as well as loading and offloading materials. All our truck drivers and crane operators are highly trained and possess valid medical certificates. Our trucks are fitted with satellite tracker units for real-time monitoring by our 24-hour call centre.

Our trucks come in various capabilities to suit your specific needs, including:

16-ton truck with a 12-ton crane attached

16-ton truck with a 30-ton crane truck

NOC Call Center

SK Diesels provides advanced service by monitoring generators remotely through an integrated computer system. Additionally, our highly efficient call center remains in constant contact with our clients to ensure that they are updated on their work at all times. Our team of trained professionals operates the call center seven days a week, ensuring clients are informed about services due, completed, and any faults that need to be addressed. With clear and timely reporting, our clients can trust that they are receiving the best care. The call center is fully supported by top management to ensure that all needs are met.

Servicing Maintenance Contract

Our team of highly skilled technicians provide exceptional servicing for all diesel generators, as required by the manufacturer. Our services include 250, 500, and 750-hour maintenance checks, delivering reports to clients, including service sheets and images with date & time stamp.