Our comprehensive range of diesel generator sets and accessories provide power solutions regardless of the application and for a variety of sectors, including telecommunication, commercial, industrial, hospitality or agricultural. SK Diesels offer a variety of hiring options to suit clients prime and standby diesel generator needs:

  • Monthly
  • Annual
  • Project-based

Mobile Power

Providing continual power to site works in an emergency power down. Unpredictable power for your service delivery can hamper your income, with having a company with mobile generators to deploy in the same area as your business footprint. Mobile generators can serve more of your sites.

  • Our call centre will coordinate a mobile to be delivered to your site which has lost power, keeping you informed of generator location and when power is restored.
  • Once power has been restored or another site has a greater need, our Call centre will coordinate the transfer of the mobile.
  • Billing is done for the service availability and run hours – we service and refuel that generator – no extra work for the client.
  • Mobiles are remotely monitored – no running out of fuel or going over service dates.
  • Mobiles can also be used on sites while power is being repaired or connected.

Static Power

Projects and works which have unreliable or no power supply.

  • Taken to your site of work via our own crane truck
  • Connected by our own qualified technicians
  • Long range fuel tank so less downtime for the refuelling
  • Generators are remotely monitored
  • There is an automatic switchover when power is restored

Event Hire

Musical, sporting, community, festivals, disaster management situations and schooling events. Ideal for remote venues for uninterrupted power.

  • Daily or hourly rate
  • Multiple power points can be provided
  • Delivered and collected by SK Diesels
  • Long range fuel, should refuelling be required a time which suits the organiser of the event will be arranged.


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