Generator Servicing Maintenance Contract

Our team of highly skilled technicians provide exceptional servicing for all diesel generators, as required by the manufacturer. Our services include 250, 500, and 750-hour maintenance checks, delivering reports to clients, including service sheets and images with date & time stamp.

Generator Refuelling

We have mobile bowsers that are readily available to transport to any location along with roadworthy vehicles and trailers. Our team of professionally licensed drivers ensures that your fuel is delivered safely and efficiently. Additionally, all our drivers are trained in spill clean-up procedures, and our vehicles are equipped with spill kits. With flow meters installed on our bowsers, you can be assured that you'll only be charged for what you receive and require. We also provide our clients with proof of work done for their records.

Generator Repairs

Our team of qualified technicians and technical staff is capable of repairing all types of generators, regardless of location. Our expertise includes repairing and testing engines of all makes. Depending on the extent of the repair, we provide on-site service or utilize our fully equipped workshop. If necessary, we replace parts with original components. We also offer engine overhaul services. Our repairs are carried out by qualified mechanics, and we provide clients with detailed reports and photographs.

NOC Call Center

SK Diesels provides advanced service by monitoring generators remotely through an integrated computer system. Additionally, our highly efficient call center remains in constant contact with our clients to ensure that they are updated on their work at all times. Our team of trained professionals operates the call center seven days a week, ensuring clients are informed about services due, completed, and any faults that need to be addressed. With clear and timely reporting, our clients can trust that they are receiving the best care. The call center is fully supported by top management to ensure that all needs are met.


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