For top-of-the-line custom-built diesel generators, SK Diesels is the name to trust. Our extensive range of generators, which spans from 25kVA to 2500kVA (2.5mVA), is designed to provide you with long-lasting power solutions. Our all-inclusive contracts encompass on-site repairs, installations, servicing, and diesel filling. We provide 24/7 standby services, scheduled check-ups, and maintenance services, ensuring speedy deployment, installation, refuelling, and field maintenance. Whether you need standby or prime power for short, medium, or long-term requirements, we have got you covered. We have aligned ourselves with top-quality generator brands, ensuring that our high standards of quality, support, and dedicated customer service are never compromised. Our team manufactures, installs and maintain our own custom-built diesel generator sets as well as many other leading brand names. We can provide custom power solutions for all applications, in any sector. With our dedicated fleet of crane trucks, strategic national branches, mobile sets, engineering firm and vehicles, we can respond to your needs 24/7. Apart from being South Africa’s leading generator provider, we also have a full turn-key engineering division located in Johannesburg. This enables us to complete all customization requests and fabrication in-house, resulting in reduced costs and a faster turnaround time for our clients.


Generator Hire

Mobile & Static

Generator Hire

We provide flexible hiring options with mobile and static generators that cater to our clients’ prime and standby diesel generator needs, including monthly, annual, and project-based rentals. 

Generator Hybridising

Sustainable Option

Generator Hybridising

Hybridizing a generator lowers the overall operating costs by reducing the reliance on fuel by combining it with another power source to make it more efficient. This can be done by adding a battery bank to the generator setup. 

Mobile Power Deployment

Continuous Power Supply During Emergencies

Mobile Power

We provide mobile generators that can be deployed to your business footprint. Our call centre will dispatch a mobile generator to your site and we’ll keep you informed of the generator location as well as when power is restored. Once power has been restored or if another site has a greater need, our call centre will coordinate the transfer of the mobile.


For Generators or Machinery


We have mobile bowsers that are readily available to transport to any location along with roadworthy vehicles and trailers. Our team of professionally licensed drivers ensures that your fuel is delivered safely and efficiently. Additionally, all our drivers are trained in spill clean-up procedures, and our vehicles are equipped with spill kits. With flow meters installed on our bowsers, you can be assured that you’ll only be charged for what you receive and require. We also provide our clients with proof of work done for their records.

Security Cages

For High Risk Crime Areas


Our top-of-the-line cage is specifically designed to protect your generator in areas with high crime rates. The cage is made from high-quality, 6cm thick steel, powder coated, that is bolted around the generator to provide maximum protection against theft and vandalism. Additionally, all locks, hinges, and opening points are inaccessible to hand or power tools, making it nearly impossible for criminals to breach.

Crane Truck Hire

Transporting Large Loads

Crane Truck Hire

SK Diesels Crane-Trucks are equipped with the strongest retractable cranes in the market, capable of transporting large loads, as well as loading and offloading materials. All our truck drivers and crane operators are highly trained and possess valid medical certificates. Our trucks are fitted with satellite tracker units for real-time monitoring by our 24-hour call centre.