The Huawei – MTN project has taken off from mid 2018 focused mainly in the Gauteng area.

This is a very exciting and diverse project to be part of, SK Diesels has risen to the challenge and excelled in service delivery.

We offer the following services on this project:

  • Generator hire
    • Static generators to sites newly built and waiting for Eskom power.
      • Deployed to site with the use of a crane truck and once site has power we go and collect
      • Connection and disconnection done at the same time as the deployment to and from site by qualified technicians.
      • We service and refuel these generators
    • Mobile generators – powering up sites that have lost Eskom power.
      • Keeping sites up with rolling black outs being experienced
      • Our fleet of mobile generators are deployed to various sites at the request of the client when sites go down
      • We service and refuel our own fleet
    • Repair of MTN generators
      • Vandalized or accident damaged units repaired – body work as well as engines
      • Original parts replaced on generators as a result of mechanical failure
      • Wheels replaced
      • Engine overhauls
    • Repair of MTN Bowzers (Mobile fuel trailers)
      • Repairing of tanks and frames
      • Hoses and flow meters replaced
      • Safety stickers replaced
      • Wheels replaced or repaired.
    • On site servicing of Mobile and static repairs
      • Our technicians are allocated work at sites where MTN have generators.
      • Full service done on site for specific services required according to the schedule.
      • Before and after pictures taken of the service as proof of work.
      • Communication to the client of the service conducted.
    • Battery boxes and cages fitted
    • Load testing done on site or in our workshop
    • Spare parts – cables, batteries, wheels etc