In House Production

Our SK Engineering workshop is equipped with all the necessary tools and expertise to manufacture custom Generator Security Cages. These cages are designed to withstand medium to high-risk crime areas and are ideal for South African conditions. Each cage is bolted onto a cement plinth and features hinges, openings, and locks that are difficult to access.

High Risk Security Cage Manufacture

Our top-of-the-line cage is specifically designed to protect your generator in areas with high crime rates. The cage is made from high-quality, 6cm thick steel, powder coated, that is bolted around the generator to provide maximum protection against theft and vandalism. Additionally, all locks, hinges, and opening points are inaccessible to hand or power tools, making it nearly impossible for criminals to breach.

Medium Risk Security Cage Manufacture

Introducing the SK Diesels Mesh Cage for medium-risk locations. The cage is built with high-quality, sturdy mesh and a solid framework that safeguards the generator from theft. Additionally, all locks, hinges, and opening points are designed to be inaccessible by hand or power tools, ensuring maximum security.

Battery Box Manufacture

Our secure and lockable battery boxes are proudly produced in-house at the SK Engineering workshop, saving you both time and money. Our battery boxes are made from high-quality materials and are built to withstand any attempts at theft. The SK Diesels Battery Boxes are the perfect solution for easy maintenance and battery replacement, with accessible key access.


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